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After a challenging year in Western Canada, we wanted to gain insights into how local manufacturers are impacted by the economy, and the actions they are taking to stay ahead of the curve. We sat down with Brian Curry, Sales Manager at DL Flange Canada Inc.


Q Over the past year, what kind of impact has the economy had on your business?
A Business went down significantly in 2015 from 2014, which was the best year on record at DL Flange Canada. It reinforced our commitment to tighten cost controls on spending.

But in Western Canada, we are people that will always find a way to adapt. Companies that use this time to increase product offerings, invest and innovate are the ones that will come out stronger.


Q  What makes you optimistic for the coming years for the manufacturing industry and your company?
A  This downturn has forced companies to get more creative in labour and production. For us at DL Flange, we have decided to invest, since pricing for both machines and labour are very attractive. If you make the right investments now, it will pay off extremely well when the economy recovers in late 2016/early 2017.

As well, companies that want to expand or replace retired workers have a huge labour pool to draw from right now. Retirements in the industry are going to accelerate between 2017-2020 so this is an excellent opportunity to hire great long term employees.


Q What value do you see in attending WMTS, even during this time?
A  Hopefully, companies use the show as an opportunity to exchange ideas on innovation. Although some of us may be competitors, we are ultimately all in this together. If we continue to innovate and become more flexible we will be more competitive in Canada and more competitive in North America as a whole.


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