June 4 – 6, 2019 | Edmonton EXPO Centre | Edmonton, Alberta

Featured Speaker Spotlight: Jim Carroll

Preview: Jim Carroll, Futurist, Trends, and Innovation Expert

The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast!

Aligning to the Opportunity of Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 7  10:00 – 11:00 am


Are you ready for the new world of manufacturing? Collapsing product lifecycle. Mass customization. Digitization, robotics and the cloud. Design based on crowd thinking. Build to demand, as opposed to build to inventory, business models. The role of the Internet of Things in product innovation as well as manufacturing process innovation. Spatial-innovation with advanced manufacturing robotics. New materials and substances that allow for change in product development. Rapid prototyping, sketch to scale, and agility-based business model.

While the popular media and opportunistic politicians portray a picture of a sector in crisis, smart manufacturing executives are furiously busy with innovation, reinventing their capabilities, processes and business models using advanced ideas, materials, methodologies and technologies.

The reality of manufacturing today is that there is a big opportunity that comes from aligning to fast paced trends. What a time for innovation, opportunity and for insight from a great keynote that really puts all of these trends into perspective…

Futurist Jim Carroll will take us into a voyage about the current and future opportunities in the world of manufacturing. Some of the largest manufacturing and industrial organizations in the world have engaged Jim to help them think about opportunities for innovation. Jim recently keynoted the IMX – Interactive Manufacturing Exchange Congress in Las Vegas with an audience of over 2,000 senior manufacturing executives, and the BigM Manufacturing Summit in Detroit, as well as the American Manufacturing Summit in the same city. . Jim’s other manufacturing and industrial clients include • Magna International • United Technologies • Camstar Systems • Genesis Systems Robotics Siemens • PPG • Chrysler • Caterpillar • and many, many more.


About Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading global futurists on trends and innovation. Possessing a massive global blue-chip client list, he helps to transform growth-oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes. He was named by Business Week magazine as a leading source for innovation and creativity insight, while his observations are frequently covered in Fortune magazine. Praised by clients, from the Disney World Corporation to the Wirtz Beverage Group, he is guaranteed to help you start preparing for tomorrow, today.

Jim is an author, columnist, media commentator, and consultant, whose focus is on linking future trends to innovation and creativity. He has a 20-year track record in providing direct, independent guidance to a diverse global client base, combined with a previous professional financial background that includes 12 years with the world’s largest professional-services firm.

Jim has researched key innovation success factors for dozens of associations, professions, companies, individuals, and industries, including life sciences, health care, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, education, government, consumer products, retail, banking, and countless others.

Jim’s books include Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation. In the media, he has appeared as an innovation expert on CNBC, and shared his insights with ABC News, INC, Fast Company, the South China Morning Post, American Way, The Age, CAPITAL Magazine, CEO Magazine Hungary, Association LEADERSHIP, the National Post, and more.

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