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Why Exhibit?

Why Western Canada?

Western Canada's Manufacturing Base Continues to Expand – Gain Visibility, Sales and Market Share!

The rebound in Alberta’s economy surpassed expectations in 2017. The resurgence is broad-based, with nearly every sector expanding. Exports increased by almost 30% on rising oil production and an expanded manufacturing base. Jobs are up. Exports are up. Manufacturing is up.

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Alberta Manufacturing

Alberta is Canada’s 3rd Largest Manufacturing Sector, and One of Canada’s Major Metal Manufacturing Hubs.

  • Manufacturing Companies: 9,129
  • Manufacturing Employment: 119,200
  • Contribution to GDP: $16.5 billion
  • Manufacturing Sales: $71.3 billion
  • Manufacturing Exports: $27.6 billion

“Manufacturing Investment is Set to Increase by Almost $800 Million in 2018.”  

British Columbia Manufacturing

Over the past five years, B.C. has had the
fastest-growing manufacturing sector in
Canada, in terms of GDP.

  • Manufacturing Companies: 7,200
  • Manufacturing Employment: 175,000
  • Contribution to GDP: $16 billion
  • Manufacturing Sales: $50.2 billion
  • 3rd largest aerospace sector in Canada!

Saskatchewan Manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a key role in Saskatchewan,
making up 7% of the provincial GDP. In 2017,
the sector represented 28,000 employees and
manufacturing shipments totalled $16 billion.

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