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Plant-based manufacturer to open complex in Edmonton’s Airport City

Edmonton International Airport’s Airport City continues to grow with the news that manufacturing company, Plant Plus, will shortly become its newest tenant.

The company specialises in making plant fibre polymer tech (PFP tech) products such as cups, straws and mobile phone cases that are recyclable and compostable alternatives to plastic or paper.

According to Edmonton International Airport (EIA), by locating its production line and distribution centre on-site, from next month Plant Plus will be able to participate in more collaborative opportunities with partner companies on site as well as the airport’s regional commercial partners.

Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC) is one of the key tenants of EIA’s Airport City development.

EIA notes: “This strategic move will allow Plant Plus to introduce their advanced plant fibre technology into Canada and also help strengthen EIA’s strategic efforts to help diversify Alberta’s and the rest of western Canada’s economy, while expanding economic activity at the airport.”

Plant Plus utilises both renewable materials and recycling from agricultural waste, producing single use items, like sugarcane straw production, and will provide services for customised products such as reusable cups, mobile phone cases, flower pots, furniture and building materials, with an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme, which provides recovery of damaged products and recycling of renewable materials.

The net results of their efforts, says EIA, are:
• Added value for agricultural industry, by creating additional by products
• Reduced carbon emissions from resource extraction, manufacturing and shipping, by extending product life cycle, track carbon footprint.
• Reduced plastic waste away from landfill and environment.

Chenghsun Hsu, CEO and founder of Plant Plus, says: “We are excited and proud to join EIA’s business family! It’s a great opportunity to have a strong business partner to support us in our early stages.

“The goal of introducing integrated plant fibre technology into Canada will finally be achieved, and it will contribute into EIA-AATC’s green system for a better and sustained economic cycle.”

Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Devin Dreeshen, comments: “It’s great to see our competitive tax rates, talented workforce and focus on economic diversification attract more private investment to Alberta.

“This investment is part of our C$1.4 billion value-added agriculture investment attraction goal that is slated to create over 2000 new Alberta jobs. I congratulate Plant Plus for choosing to invest in our agriculture sector and to help strengthen Alberta’s economy.”

EIA’s president and CEO, Tom Ruth, adds: “This is a perfect example of how Airport City and the AATC work. Plant Plus will import materials and build technology which will increase the production of agricultural products for export from North America.