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New jobs and investment as Inter Pipeline Ltd invest $600 million in new petrochemical plant east of Edmonton

March 14, 2019 | Arthur Green | Fort Saskatchewn The Record – Article

Inter Pipeline Ltd has invested in a new project in the Industrial Heartland aided by the government.

The economy in Alberta is taking a step forward to becoming more diversified thanks to an investment of up to $200 million by the NDP government.

“For decades, Albertans settled for less while new jobs and investment went south of the border. So, we’re grabbing the bull by the horns, fighting for a Made-in-Alberta plan that represents the single largest energy diversification effort since the days of Peter Lougheed,” Premier Notley said. “We’re proud to support upgrading projects like Inter Pipeline’s because they mean more good jobs and top dollar for the energy resources that belong to all Albertans.”

Inter Pipeline’s supply of propylene, a gas that results from adding value to raw propane, creates the opportunity to further leverage Alberta’s natural resource strengths and extend the value chain. By producing acrylic acid used in things like adhesives, floor polishes and paints, this project increases the likelihood of attracting investments in more manufacturing facilities in the future.

The announcement was made at Pyramid Prefab Piping, one of the hundreds of companies across the province benefiting from the Made-in-Alberta strategy. As a manufacturer that employs about 45 people in Calgary, Pyramid was contracted to build key components for Inter Pipeline’s project already under construction.

Patrick Bergen is the President of Pyramid Prefab Piping.

“We’re pleased to see the government’s vision for the future is focused on jobs and diversification, which will lead to more work for companies like ours to build the components needed for energy upgrading projects,” Bergen said. “This growth means we can put even more skilled tradespeople to work in the Calgary region and contribute even more to the oil and gas sector.”

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